What you need

Toddlers & preschool

Firstly – bear in mind that some of the fun things we do can be messy. It is important that your child is not dressed in a “special” outfit that you would be less than happy if a painting session (even though we use aprons) has added a new design to the outfit. Our day can include some outdoor activity so please provide coats and hats for cold weather, and sun cream and a suitable summer hat for spring and summer weather. A change of clothes should also be left at nursery in case of accidents (toilet or water play).


You will need to supply us with nappies and wipes. Most parents leave a full packet of nappies and several packets of their favourite wipes with us and we will remind you when these supplies are running low. We also need a couple of changes of clothes as babies sometimes need changing during the day. We keep a supply of bibs for use in the nursery (we do ask you to return bibs that may have gone home with you).

You should bring as many made-up bottles of formula as you feel your baby will require during the day, and it can be useful if you supply an extra bottle in case you are a little later than normal collecting (or on occasions if your baby refuses pureed food and wants a bottle instead).

A change of clothes for after-school children will save wear and tear on school uniforms. Changing from uniform helps children relax after a day at school. We know it can add to all the “kit” that needs to be collected at the end of the day – but it also means that your child can be active and play without ruining their expensive uniform. It also teaches children to become responsible if you encourage them to make sure they have all their belongings with them at the end of the day.

What we would ask you not to bring

Car seats, prams and buggies present a storage problem and we would ask you not to leave these type of items unless it is an emergency (perhaps a grandparent or friend collecting your child).

With regards to toys from home, a teddy or a security blanket is fine, but other toys may be lost, damaged or have tiny parts that another child may ingest. If your child has a toy in their hand when they arrive at nursery, encourage them to leave it safely in your keeping until you return.

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