Settling In

Settling in

When you have decided on the date you want your child to start at Happy Days Day Nursery we encourage you to bring your child for a settling-in session. We feel that it is important to let your child have this opportunity to bond with their new friends, staff and surroundings. Please bear in mind that the purpose of this visit is to help your child familiarise themselves with our nursery and to learn that you will leave but that you will also return for them.

Please ensure that you have completed your registration details and leave them with us at this time. Your child cannot be left in our care unless these documents have been returned completed.

Please also be prepared for a few tears – remember this is a new experience for your child and it may take a short time to adjust to nursery. Please telephone us for a “progress report” at any stage – this will help you adjust as well!

The first day

Talk to your child about the toys, games, and friends they met when they visited on their settling-in day.

Make sure that you bring their security blanket or toy if they use one. Try to make the first day easier on both of you by going into work a little later than normal and perhaps collect your child a little earlier than normal to give both your child and yourself time to adjust.

When you arrive at nursery you will be greeted by the Officer in Charge or Deputy Office in Charge. A smile, a reassuring tone and a promise to be back later is generally the best way to leave. Once again – please remember that tears are a possibility – quite often from you as well! You are welcome to telephone at any time for reassurance.

Adjusting to Happy Days Day Nursery

The first few days can be an anxious time for both you and your child. It is very important to keep continuous open communication with our staff. This will help allay your concerns during this adjustment period. All children react differently – some settle in very quickly and others need a little bit more time. In the unlikely event of your child becoming fractious, we will inform you and provide both you and your child with continuous encouragement and support.

Once your child has settled into Happy Days Day Nursery the next stage is easy.

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