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Child behaviour policy

At Happy Days Day Nursery we will treat your child as an individual. Your child will not be subjected to physical or emotional punishment. Management of unacceptable behaviour will be consistent with your child’s age. Situations will be resolved by redirecting your child to more suitable activities.


Occasionally it may be necessary to use the "time out" method: we will have a quiet talk with your child and explain why their behaviour is not acceptable. At this point we will ask your child to sit for a few minutes and will give your child time to think about their actions. Your child will always be in view of the staff in the room.


On some occasions your child may display unruly behaviour and general disruptiveness. This may be how they are reacting to a change in their environment, moving house, a new baby, a family crisis or a death in the family. We have dealt with all of these situations over the years and are willing to help any parent work through these situations.


A comprehensive list of nursery policies will be provided to you at registration.


If you have any queries please contact us:


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