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Healthy eating

At Happy Days Day Nursery, we strive to promote healthy eating. We provide a healthy snack in the morning, usually toast or scones and milk. Lunch is a two course meal: the first course is made with fresh ingredients with frozen, convenience or processed food kept to a minimum, followed by a second course of either fresh fruit, custards, rice, jelly, ice cream etc. Afternoon snacks are also provided, and these snacks are a balance of fruit, scones, small buns, tray bakes etc.


For babies, parents are requested to supply formula bottles/juice each day prepared to current advice from your health visitor. We will provide first stage food such as pureed fruit, potato and vegetable casserole etc. from weaning stages onwards. It is important that you keep the baby department staff fully informed in regard to the stages you are moving baby onto so we can complement what you are doing at home.


At Happy Days Day Nursery we believe that a full tummy keeps all babies and older children happy, however to ensure that we can fit all the activities into your child’s day, we ask that you observe the following:

  • Last breakfast served at 8.30am (babies are an exception as you will be aware babies run to their individual time frame!)

  • Please let us know if your child is going to be late into nursery to ensure that lunch is prepared for him/her.

  • Evening meals can be provided upon request.

  • We will observe vegetarian and nutritionally sensitive diets but we ask that you keep the Officer-in-Charge or Manager informed as to the nature of the diet.


In our experience, even the fussiest of eaters will happily join their friends and eat healthy food – we feel that it must be because all the fun activities gives them good appetites!

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